Our Difference

Our Difference: SourcePure™

SourcePure™ is the validation and testing program her vital way uses to ensure that the botanicals and supplements we provide are exactly what we claim them to be:

That they conform to the highest standards of quality, potency and purity. The SourcePure program tracks and tests our ingredients through the entire supply chain and manufacturing process: from field to finished product.

When you look at our labels, you'll notice that dosing information is clear and complete, including the best way to take each formula. The benefits of each product are also listed with more detailed information available in our complete descriptions.

All of our products are vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy free and non-GMO. We use the minimum amount of clean excipients for precise dosing, and only vegetarian capsules. Each formula is free from added color and we never use preservative additives.

We're proud to supply premium quality supplements with ingredients sourced from our local supplier and solar powered manufacturing partner in California, Ethical Naturals, Inc (ENI). ENI's commitment to quality and ingredient integrity, their vertical integration, world class R&D, and renewal energy resources allow us to offer our intended premium products with numerous proprietary and validated ingredients in an economically viable way. In addition to partnering closely with ENI for our SourcePure™ ingredients, her vital way works with exceptional brands like Bergstrom Nutrition and Stauber Ingredients in the U.S., Marigot Limited of Ireland, Gnosis Bio Tech of Italy, Sabinsa of India, and Kappa Bioscience of Norway.