Our Mission


At her vital way we know the unique challenges that women face as professionals, leaders, loved ones – and we know that in this busy world, creating a space for wellness and time to look after one's self is paramount to an energized life. We're here to contribute to your path to wellness.

Woman on a mission

Integrating science, nutrition, nature, mindfulness, exercise, and community are what we celebrate. While we've learned that nothing can replace a diet of fresh, whole foods and an active, mindful lifestyle, the advantage of supplements for us is that they offer multiple lines of defense and many ways to tone and support our bodily systems. Maybe this means staying focused during a very stressful day, or easing bodily discomforts so that we can get it all done – joyfully; or perhaps it means something more substantial, like kick starting positive change to an area of weakness. 

So here's to energized living, listening to our bodies, and sharing what we've learned to build up our defenses each day – because when we feel well and when we help one another, we're unstoppable.

Our Mission

her vital way is for every woman. We provide premium supplements of exceptional integrity at affordable prices. We bring the latest in science and the most respected traditions to the development of our products. Our aim is to be the quality leader in purity and potency while nurturing the optimized health goals of our valued community.

All of our products promote and support vitality for every age. By selling directly to you we bypass the unnecessary markups that occur in the retail space. Our goal is to maintain pricing that allows for the ongoing commitment that supplements require.

Josei Commitment

Josie. Production line manager. Mother. All around beautiful person.